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Yes! Call and let us know you’re in need of a tow to the shop.

If you are going through insurance, the tow bill will be sent directly to them. If you decide to pay out of pocket, the tow bill will be added to your final bill and due at the time the repair is complete.

Rental Cars

If you need a rental car, we can help to make the necessary arrangements. Insurance companies will only pay for a rental car if you have that option on your policy or if you are the claimant. Verifying coverage and limits prior to renting a vehicle is highly recommended.


We offer all estimates free of charge. Either stop in, call, or click here to use our free online service from your mobile device. 

No. There is no requirement or law to do so. We work with all insurance companies to agree upon the best repairs for your vehicle. We are a preferred and recommended shop by many of the largest insurance companies in today’s market. You are our customer and we will provide you with the finest quality and safest collision repairs.

Claim numbers are issued by your insurance company at the time you report your accident. Make sure to write it down and bring it with you when you come in to begin the repair process.

If your insurance adjuster already came to look at your vehicle, contact us to schedule the repairs. You can fax or email us a copy, drop it off, or give us your insurance information and we’ll get a copy of the estimate. We must start the repair process from the original estimate.

Repair Process

Yes! It’s your responsibility, and your right, to choose which body shop will repair your vehicle.

No. You can actually get a preliminary estimate if you use our smart estimate tool on your phone. Otherwise, feel free to stop by any time during our work hours. We’ll give you our estimate as soon as possible depending on the scope of the damage.

In case the other person(s) involved and their insurance company accept the responsibility for the accident, they will typically cover the repair costs for your damages as well.

Your estimator will provide you with an estimate of the work, parts, and timeline necessary to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. You will be updated and kept informed throughout the repair process. If for any reason parts availability affects the repair cycle, you will be notified immediately. Providing quality and timely repairs on your behalf is of the utmost importance to us. However, quality and safety are never compromised for the sake of time.

Yes. We typically order parts for your vehicle shortly after you schedule for repairs. If your vehicle is not safe to drive we order parts as soon as we receive approval from both you and the insurance company.

Most insurance policies will state what kind of parts are authorized to use in the event of an accident. Those will be the parts that are searched for first. All parts are inspected for quality and fit. Your estimator will explain the repairs necessary to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition. In addition, your estimator will also explain which parts will be replaced and what kind are approved by your insurance company.

We have made a major investment in the finest paint system and equipment available. Our professional and skilled painters take special pride in their ability to match every color from each manufacturer.

We do everything in our power to ensure your vehicle is back to pre-accident condition. If you experience any problems, do not hesitate to give us a call or stop back in. We warranty all of our work and will fix any problems caused by a repair we performed after you’ve picked up your completed vehicle.
With Gobel’s Collision Repair in West Plains, you receive a Lifetime Warranty for any collision repairs and paint work we perform on your vehicle.


All of them! We work hard to maintain great working relationships with all car insurance companies. We also stay current on the laws that guide them when it comes to estimates or appraisals. Plus, we can handle claims electronically! From itemized documentation to digital imaging, we’ll keep the process as simple and smooth as possible.

A deductible is the portion of the total repair cost that you may be responsible for. It may be included in the terms of your auto insurance policy. You may be responsible to pay a deductible. Typically you will have a deductible for a comprehensive or a collision claim and the amounts can vary. The amount of your deductible is determined by what you chose when your policy was purchased. We will be happy to verify for you the deductible amount you are responsible for.

The cost of repairs plus the value of the vehicle in damaged condition (salvage value) must be greater than the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle prior to the accident.

No. A car is a total loss only when the price of repairs exceeds the insurance company’s determined value of your vehicle. Most modern cars are built using unibody (frame and body as one) construction. Our highly skilled technicians can return your vehicle to its original factory specifications. If it is determined that the frame section is bent beyond repair, that section can simply be replaced.

There are many repair shops that advertise to save your deductible. What they fail to tell you is how they are able to do this. Your repair may be compromised by sacrificing quality. As a rule, insurance allowances to repair vehicles at a repair facility are regulated very tightly. We hope that if you choose to use a facility who is going to “save your deductible”, that they are not sacrificing the quality of your repair.

Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) is a term for parts made by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Aftermarket parts are often much cheaper than OEM parts and might not have the same fit and function as OEM parts.

LKQ – (Like Kind & Quality). These parts are more commonly referred to as used parts. These parts generally come from automotive salvage yards. Salvage yards purchase damaged or totaled vehicles, remove the good parts and sell them as LKQ parts. All LKQ parts are inspected for prior damage, and rust.

It is the loss in a vehicle’s value as a result of physical damage. Several factors including age of the vehicle and the severity of damage are what the insurance company will evaluate to determine the amount of diminished value you will be paid. The diminished value payment does not come from, nor is it processed through Gobel’s. It will be issued by the insurance company to you directly from the insurance company and is separate from any other payments.

Parts that wear out and need replacement with time and use (i.e. tires, batteries, and suspension parts) are commonly subject to betterment charges when they are replaced during the repair process. These betterment charges are determined by your insurance company and are prorated based on actual miles on your vehicle.


Your deductible payment is due and payable to Gobel’s Collision Repair. Your deductible payment is due when your repairs are complete and you come to pick your vehicle up.

No. When you purchased your insurance policy, you signed a contract saying you will pay the first amount of the claim up to your deductible. Repairers should not be asked to hide the deductible. That practice would constitute fraud by both the shop and consumer. This is also related to the question above “Can you save my deductible?”.

Cash, Debit Card, Master Card, and Visa. Payment is due, in full, before any vehicle is released.

Sometimes, it’s possible to discover additional damage once we disassemble the vehicle. We will stay in touch with your insurance company throughout the accident repair process. If we spot additional damage, we will contact them directly to obtain approval, and then bill them for the supplement repair expenses.

Typically, we will add the tow bill to our repair estimate for your insurance company.

Post Repair Care

You are able to wash your vehicle by hand with cool water and a very mild car wash solution using a soft cloth or sponge as soon as you get it back.

For the first 30 days we suggest that you:

  • Do NOT use a commercial car wash. Stiff brushes/sponges can mar the finish and damage the surface.
  • Do not drive on gravel roads. Chipping the finish is easily done in the first 30 days.
  • Avoid parking under trees and utility lines which are likely to attract birds. Bird droppings have a high acid content and will damage a freshly painted surface. Also, tree sap can mar or spot a freshly painted surface.
  • Do not spill gasoline, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, or windshield solvent on the new finish.
  • Do not scrape ice or snow from the newly painted surface.

For the first 90 days we suggest that you:

  • Do not wax or polish the vehicle. This will allow the finish to dry and harden completely.

In the Event of an Accident

Trust the Experts

The certified technicians at Gobel’s Collision Repair  will restore your vehicle to its pre-loss condition.